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Raising awareness on the seriousness affects Domestic Violence has on our society

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 Tracy Lynn Judd (33) and her beautiful daughter Deja Renee (23 months)  were two of the four victims that were taken from us in what is still known today as the most brutal Domestic Violence homicide in Dane County Wisconsin's history. 


Getting Involved Anyway We Can

TraJa continues to GET INVOLVED.  We host events throughout the year to help raise awareness.  We get involved in events around the country that are domestic violence/violence against women based.  We feel education is key to saving lives.


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December 1, 2019 TraJa will be hosting the first ever "Breaking Wisconsin's Domestic Violence Silence: Remembering Loved Ones Through The Years"  

We will remember all victims taken by Domestic Violence here in Wisconsin in the past 10 years!

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